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5 Easy Ways to Get Into This Moment


This life is very exciting.  Right about now, I could do with a little less excitement in my life.  The ups and downs of businesses starting, continuing, failing and succeeding, living paycheck to paycheck, some scary family mental health issues, broken families, things changing so fast…I am triggered, and it is getting to me.  What to do?  This familiar anxiety, that feels permanent SUCKS.

What can bring me some relief from this anxiety???

I know the answers:  Connect with myself,  and get in the moment any way I can (I just took a walk around the block, and then realized that I only started to notice the beautiful flowers once I was a house away from home).

So I thought I would make a list for Getting In To The Moment:

1.  Meditate for 5 minutes (repeat mantra if anxiety creeps in.  My mantra right now is “RUM”.)

2.  Stretch Body (and really feel it)

3.  Take a walk (and practice noticing stuff you see)

4.  Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, breathe out 4 seconds, stay empty 4 seconds (Thanks David Ji from The Chopra Center  for that one!)

5.  Make a Gratitude List

6. Ok, there’s 6 of them:  Write a Blog

And, when it comes to the what-ifs that are bombarding my brain, I commit to following through with the best advice I ever got from a friend  (in fact this friend would give me this same advice over the years for every issue I came to her with) :  LET GO.

Wishing a lighter day for all,