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Your Life Will Improve by Following this Simple Daily Practice


Sometimes it’s hard to see and feel all the love in the world, because we’re not feeling connected, or energetic.  The love is always there, but we may not be receptive to it all the time. 

James Altucher wrote an incredible blog called, “How to be THE LUCKIEST GUY ON THE PLANET in 4 Easy Steps,” and he outlined how he turned his life around using this practice.  Then a guy named Kevin Elliott, was cool enough to break it all down in an easy to use chart.  I put this chart on our refrigerator, and started to do the practice daily. 

Well, sort of.  My version was a bit different (waking up at 5:00 AM and not eating after 6:00 PM didn’t really work for me). 

I decided to adapt my own chart of the practice and am living well with it, and seeing real improvement, so I decided to share it with you.  You can download my revised chart here:   DAILY PRACTICE

Please feel free to share or use as you like.

After a week or so, you’ll start to notice how loving the world is, and how much easier it is to have new ideas flow through you, the energy to implement them, and the clarity to share your love with the world in your own way.

Want to give it a try?  Let us know….


Bleeding & Making It Count


The thoughtful, brave and uber-smart, James Altucher gave me some powerful advice on how to be a great blogger:  BLEED

I heeded his advice, started to bleed on my blog, and then my life took a dramatic turn.  The last six weeks have been the hardest, scariest, most worried time of my life so far.  And…I can’t even really talk about it here (to protect a family member’s confidentiality).  I have been writing (more like journaling) the blog, but not publishing (maybe at a later time).

So, in order to keep my blog going, I may have to lean on you (world) to carry me a bit, and lift me up.  Today, I thank Casey Neistat for lifting my heart, covering for me today , and loaning me the content, “Make It Count“.  (Big props to you @Casey!)

Enjoy, friends!  xoxot.

Kindness Is More Powerful Than Chocolate


The other day my blog was about bumping into a woman I used to know and she thanked me for a kind I act that I had done (I didn’t remember it, and I don’t think I thought of it as me doing a nice thing at the time).  The blog was about the power of kindness.

Today, it happened again, but in complete reverse!  This time it was me who had received the kindness.

Bradford and I were taking a walk in the neighborhood today, and the only person we saw the whole time was an older man with a walker and wearing a “Korean Veteran” baseball cap.  He had a big brown dog off leash.  We stopped to pet the dog and say hello.  We chitchatted about the trees on the street  that were all marked for removal.  During this conversation, he said his name was John Lehne.  I was surprised and caught off guard, my eyes started to swell with tears when I heard his name.

When I was 10 years old, my neighbor friend named Solvang, asked me to take over her afternoon newspaper route for the local Santa Monica paper called The Evening Outlook.  I took over her route for the week, but then she never came back (they had actually moved, and somehow I thought they were going on vacation).  So, with an accidental job at the age of 10 in 1979, I would come home after school and  the newspapers would be waiting on my doorstep.  I would fold them up, and put rubber bands around them, pack up my bike, and go deliver papers on the 10 blocks around our apartment building.

It was a pretty hard, lonely job.  Most people in our neighborhood were still out at work, as I was dutifully leaving them their evening news to enjoy.  But, there was one bright ray of sunshine towards the end of the last street every day.  The nice Mr. Lehne and his sweet whippet dog, would come to greet me every day as I walked up the steps of his property.  He was old, slow, and friendly.  I would wait for him to slowly amble down the walk way and pet his dog while I waited.  I would hand him the paper and he would hand me one wrapped, foreign, gourmet chocolate.  And, everyday he would say to me, “Make sure you wait until you get home and wash your hands before you eat it.”  My hands were really inked stained by this part of the day.  “Yes, Mr. Lehne,” I would say and run off to finish my route.  But, as soon as I was out of Mr. Lehne’s site, I would rip off the wrapper and savor and smile, while eating this delicious chocolate.  He was there every day, and so was I.  It felt close.  It felt good.  Many years later I would occasionally nostalgically remember him and his candy and even more delicious to me, his caring warning against ink poisoning.  His daily kindness always meant something to me. I even shared this story with Bradford sometime ago.

So fast forward to today, this was Mr. Lehne’s 87 year old son in front of me!  (Mr. Lehne is now deceased, Rest In Peace sweet Mr. Lehne).  The childhood feelings of warmness flooded over and I I got to tell my neighbor John Lehne about the kindness his father showed me over 33 years ago.

His face lit up as I described his father, the whippet, the delicious chocolate his father gave me, and how I would sneak around the corner to eat it. 

He was touched, remembering his father through this exchange.  He said to us, “Every afternoon I take this walk, and I talk to my dad during this time.”  We all stood there, Me, Bradford, John Lehne (and I think we all felt the honoree of this moment, Mr. Lehne present with us. )  We stood there, just being in the breeze and the sunshine.

As we said good bye, John Lehne said smiling, “I can’t wait to go home and tell my wife this story about my dad.  Thank you very much for sharing that story!”

I said, “Thank you as well.  Your father’s kindness really meant a lot to me.  I’m so happy to meet you.”  I really meant it.

So once again I am witness that small things can really make a difference in someone’s life. 

Thank You Mr. Lehne, your kindness enriched my life.  Thank You!

Love Rules the World,


What To Do When You Don’t Want To Do Anything


Over the weekend, I was at home and I my brain was buzzing with all the stuff I wanted to get done that afternoon.  I was pretty much puttering around, procrastinating doing anything, and guiltily stealing 15 minute chunks of random TV time.  I actually couldn’t just relax because I kept running though the things I wanted to get done (but DIDN’T ACTUALLY WANT TO DO).

So, I went into my office and made a list of all the things I wanted done but didn’t want to do.  When my son, Andrew asked me why I was making a list of thing I didn’t want to do, I decisively told him, that I had no idea why I was making the list, because I had no intention of doing any of it.

After the list was complete, I read it, and said to myself, “It’s just fine if you don’t want to do these things, let it go.  Relax.  There’s nothing pressing here.”  All of a sudden my self-judgment**  about it was gone.

**that day’s self-judgment:  “I’m lazy & unmotivated….blahblahblah…”

Here’s the unexpected (and miraculous?) part:  I went down stairs and cleaned the Time Out Room…and did several other things on the list, quite happily and energetically without much thought at all.

It wasn’t until I came back into the office, and saw the list, and just laughed at myself.  5 out of the 7 items on the list were done!  Easy, no sweat.  I guess I just let go, stopped beating myself up about it, and allowed myself to do the things I really DID want to do after all.  

Can you relate?  I would love to know…xoxot.



Very Partial Gratitude List for Sunday

  • Bradford, my love, how he’s so loving, and good to me, the best friend, lover and supporter ImagineAble
  • My LOVEly office …Image
  • Cashmere Panties
  • Thai Cholada (if you don’t know, and you live on Westside of LA, look it up, seriously) J
  • That big fat seal lion that sits on the rock on the beach by our house (I am trying to get a good pic of him)
  • That paycheck that just keeps paying me
  • My potential
  • My family and I have never gone hungry
  • Chopra Center 21 Day Mediation
  • Going on a low tide beach walk now….
What are you grateful for this Sunday?….(a partial list is just fine…)
Love to you today,

5 Easy Ways to Get Into This Moment


This life is very exciting.  Right about now, I could do with a little less excitement in my life.  The ups and downs of businesses starting, continuing, failing and succeeding, living paycheck to paycheck, some scary family mental health issues, broken families, things changing so fast…I am triggered, and it is getting to me.  What to do?  This familiar anxiety, that feels permanent SUCKS.

What can bring me some relief from this anxiety???

I know the answers:  Connect with myself,  and get in the moment any way I can (I just took a walk around the block, and then realized that I only started to notice the beautiful flowers once I was a house away from home).

So I thought I would make a list for Getting In To The Moment:

1.  Meditate for 5 minutes (repeat mantra if anxiety creeps in.  My mantra right now is “RUM”.)

2.  Stretch Body (and really feel it)

3.  Take a walk (and practice noticing stuff you see)

4.  Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, breathe out 4 seconds, stay empty 4 seconds (Thanks David Ji from The Chopra Center  for that one!)

5.  Make a Gratitude List

6. Ok, there’s 6 of them:  Write a Blog

And, when it comes to the what-ifs that are bombarding my brain, I commit to following through with the best advice I ever got from a friend  (in fact this friend would give me this same advice over the years for every issue I came to her with) :  LET GO.

Wishing a lighter day for all,


What Do I Love Today?


What do I love today?

Today I am loving Bradford and our Puja. What is a Puja? The actual definition is: “the worship of a particular god.” Our Puja is in our bedroom, and we’ve made it a shrine to our love…

So here is the picture…

It has trinkets we’ve given each other as well as spiritual itmes form our families and lives (My Grandmother, Florence’s crucifix, and a picture of Bradford and his Mom, Carol’s guru, Baba). I love it and light a candle almost every night . It’s a devotion to love. What do you love today?