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Honey Mouth


I ran into a woman named Lola that I used to know when I was in my early 20’s working at the California Mart (the wholesale fashion showrooms).  I remembered her as a nice girl who worked as a showroom assistant down the hall selling Only Hearts.  We were the youngest girls on the floor, (compared to the older ladies who had been there selling intimate apparel for decades we were babies), so we would lean on each other if we needed anything (copies, borrow a steamer to iron out wrinkles, etc). 

So, when I knocked into her at Ikea, I was really happy to see her and say hello.  Then she said, “I just have to let you know, that I have been wanted to thank you for the past 15 years for what you did for me.” (????  for what?)  She continued, “Remember when I had an issue with my boss, and you told me I didn’t need her, and that I could be a sales rep myself and have my own showroom?”  I nodded slightly, but I really didn’t remember…”And remember how you went through and showed me the proper way to show a line to the store buyers?  (Note:  I have zero recollection of this) Lola continued, “Well, I did find the courage to get my own showroom and my own lingerie lines to sell, and I have had my own successful business representing over 20 lines for the past 20 years, because of your encouragement and advice.”  Wow.

On the drive home I marveled at how such a small, unmemorable 5 minutes of my life, affected someone else’s in such a positive way.  I was feeling pretty good about myself.  Amazing!  Then I felt a tug, a tug of sadness for every time I have had a sharp tongue and how that could have potentially had the exact same (but negative) effect on someone’s life. Uh-oh, I don’t like that feeling…so I am going to consciously try to be more loving, encouraging and helpful.  It just feels better when I do.

Have you ever had anyone thank you for something you don’t remember doing?

Love Rules the World,