Welcome To Your Daydream


My favorite quote from Dr. Ron Hulnick came up when speaking to a student at University of Santa Monica who was very worried about something very important to him.  Ron asked if the worry was helpful to him, and of course the answer was, “No”.  So Ron suggested, 

“Then why not just win in your dreams?”

What if, every time we found ourselves worried about something, we just started day dreaming about something wonderful happening instead?  What if the worry, is just a reminder to consciously reach for a better feeling around that idea that is causing concern?

I would like to play that game.  I’m pretty sure it will take me some practice.  Let’s play together…

1.   What was your most recent worry about?  (really think of one, this will only take a sec)
2.  Can you dream up an alternate scenario in that area of your life where you celebrate instead?   (feel free to float with this)

 That’s it, next time that worry creeps in, and you notice it, maybe you’ll have a new possibility available to you.

Love Rules the World,



Definition of DAYDREAM


: a pleasant visionary usually wishful creation of the imagination



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