What To Do When You Don’t Want To Do Anything


Over the weekend, I was at home and I my brain was buzzing with all the stuff I wanted to get done that afternoon.  I was pretty much puttering around, procrastinating doing anything, and guiltily stealing 15 minute chunks of random TV time.  I actually couldn’t just relax because I kept running though the things I wanted to get done (but DIDN’T ACTUALLY WANT TO DO).

So, I went into my office and made a list of all the things I wanted done but didn’t want to do.  When my son, Andrew asked me why I was making a list of thing I didn’t want to do, I decisively told him, that I had no idea why I was making the list, because I had no intention of doing any of it.

After the list was complete, I read it, and said to myself, “It’s just fine if you don’t want to do these things, let it go.  Relax.  There’s nothing pressing here.”  All of a sudden my self-judgment**  about it was gone.

**that day’s self-judgment:  “I’m lazy & unmotivated….blahblahblah…”

Here’s the unexpected (and miraculous?) part:  I went down stairs and cleaned the Time Out Room…and did several other things on the list, quite happily and energetically without much thought at all.

It wasn’t until I came back into the office, and saw the list, and just laughed at myself.  5 out of the 7 items on the list were done!  Easy, no sweat.  I guess I just let go, stopped beating myself up about it, and allowed myself to do the things I really DID want to do after all.  

Can you relate?  I would love to know…xoxot.




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  1. Yes, I relate! A wise woman once said to me “it’s time to start doing everything differently from the way you used to”. Again, I am reminded of this. I’ve been banging my head with the same stuff over and over, when I set my intentions to move slower and be aware, instead of rushing, I get more done. Counterintuitive but true.

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